Dr Who DIY Chocolate Mug Gift Set

Christmas is just around the corner so if you’re still looking for a last minute gift idea why not have a go at making your own chocolate mug gift set?

hot chocolate stirrer pack with mini marshmallows milk white dark chocolate 4

This is a cost effective and easy home-made gift that looks professional and is sure to impress! Fill them with a hot chocolate stirrer pack- now in milk, white or dark chocolate-  wrap in cellophane and tie a bow around it.


These can be personalised to your recipients own tastes (the one in the photo is a Dr Who mug containing a chocolate TARDIS and dalek). If you’re making a mug for a child you could fill it with chocolate building blocks, or for a coffee lover you could get a cappuccino cup and fill with our coffee truffles and discs.

chocolate building blocks


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