Chocolate cards

This week it is my birthday so in preparation for this in Sweet P’s Kitchen (and just because we can) we have been working on a new, never seen before chocolate greeting card! We created an edible chocolate photograph a couple of months ago and have been slowly perfecting our technique but we felt there were more possibilities to be had with this technology.

We discovered this technique after years of fumbling about trying to hand pipe our images which resulted in uneven results and is very time consuming, it is also quite limited as we could only create simple images in chocolate. Using a similar technology to the printed rice paper sheets you can buy, our images can be transferred onto white chocolate, meaning the whole thing is totally edible and tastes great! So far we’ve used this method to create business cards, personalised lollies, discs and cake toppers which are great as a unusual gift or a unique extra for any business.

We had the idea for a chocolate greeting card after being fed up with receiving loads of cards for birthdays and Christmas that then get chucked out or recycled, or if you’re like me and can’t bear to throw these sentimental things away they get stored in a box and put in the loft. A chocolate card solves the problem of not knowing what to do with old cards and doubles up as a tasty gift.









The chocolate card is made up of two parts which open like a card, one has your image and the other has a personalised message in your own handwriting or a choice of font. They can be personalised with any image, such as a photograph and they can even have a hand-written message inside. So if you’re looking for an alternative to the usual boring old card then why not try one of our edible chocolate greeting cards?!


You can buy your own edible chocolate greetings cards from




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